MLB Scouting Reports is dedicated to compiling the largest library of scouting reports on MLB level  players.

Our reports are designed for the average baseball fan. We create breakdowns on players skills and attributes in a manner that allows all fans from casual to die hard an inside look at their favourite players and what makes them great.

We are dedicated to not only creating accurate and up to date reports but also making them public so that fans can get a better idea of their favourite teams and players.


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  1. This Site is AWESOME … I am just wondering if you have something that is up to date ? I have searched and searched and I can’t seem to find anything. So my question is can you direct me to your updated version if you do indeed have one. If you do could you please email me with the updated info. A site like this would be of great importance to me and guys like me who are just starting out into sports journalism. A reply either way would be greatly appreciated !!

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